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Name: Kunio Nakajima
Birthday: January 6
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
1976-79 Lived in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah)
Graduate of: Azabu HS, class of 1987 - Calhoun HS (Texas) & Waseda Univ.@School of Human Sciences - Majored in Behavioral Studies
1992-96 Account Executive at McCANN-ERICKSON Japan
1996-97 Manager, Office of President at HYPERNET Inc.
1997-2000 International Account Director at Hakuhodo:LINTAS/Lowe Lintas & Partners
- Dec. 2001 Bates WorldWide/Bates Yomiko Strategic Planning Dept.
2002- onward Martial Arts / NEO (New Entertainment Oriented) Fusion Musical Actor
5 ft. 8 inches / 132 lbs.
Blood Type: B (Rh+)

Specialties: Ski / Snowboarding / Karate / Computer / Foreign Languages
Hobbies: Scuba Dive / Guitar / Motorcycle / Automobile
Sports: Fencing / Swimming / Judo
Judo: 1st Degree Black Belt

(Kunio's Show Biz (?) History) deBEso
Sound Sample "Wanna be the Wind"(Original Song)

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